Notre Dame Retiree Club

Register Now - 12 Months for $30 

Club Benefits

25% off in Rohr's, Sorin's, the Wind Family Fireside Terrace and Legend's at Notre Dame

Members qualify for the discount when paying for the entire check (for parties of 12 or less). Retiree ID card with sticker must be shown when the check arrives to receive discount. Discount does not apply to alcohol. Gratuity is appreciated. Reservations recommended. We look forward to showcasing our renovated Rohr's and McKenna Hall. Rohr's is scheduled to re-open in spring 2020 with construction taking place from November 2019 to April 2020. Temporary dining will be available at Morris Inn. McKenna Hall is scheduled to close for resconstruction in July 2019 and re-open in fall 2021. 

Complimentary Valet Parking 

Receive complimentary valet parking when visiting Sorin's, Rohr's and the Wind Family Fireside Terrace.

Register now to join the Club. Membership is $30 annually to coincide with the university fiscal year.