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Meet the Brand Ambassadors

The Brand Ambassador program was established between Professor Chris Stevens in the Mendoza College of Business and the Morris Inn, Fall of 2014. The program was introduced as a way to utilize the University’s best resource – the students – to give a captivating voice to the historic hotel and capture the memories of its visitors in interactive ways.

The goal of the program is to increase overall awareness of the hotel through connecting the Notre Dame students and the South Bend Community with the Morris Inn through targeted social media campaigns, exclusive events, contests, and engaging deliverables such as video interviews. While these efforts will also aim to increase leisure and business travel, the program most importantly benefits the students as it offers hands-on experience in social media marketing, hospitality, event planning and business collaboration.

Class of 2019

Christina M. 

Hello, my name is Christina! I am from Frankfort, Illinois. I am a Elementary Education Major with concentrations in Reading and Mild Intervention at a Saint Mary’s College. Growing up with both of my parents owning their own businesses, I have been lucky to learn from the exceptional skills of leadership, courage, and authenticity they have established for themselves. Inspired by the two of them, over the years I have developed a passion Social Media Management and Marketing and been able to gain a great deal of experience. I have had the opportunity to help both of my parents as well as businesses around my hometown! I absolutely love the planning process for events and helping to create important moments that are beyond compare. I am so honored to be working this year as a brand ambassador for VenueND and the Morris Inn team, and I cannot wait to see the incredible events we are able to put together at Notre Dame.

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