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Frequently Asked Questions


If you do not find the answer to your question on this page or elsewhere on this site, please call or e-mail the Notre Dame Conference Center (NDCC) using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Who may schedule events at the NDCC? Do I need University affiliation?

While the Notre Dame Conference Center’s primary role is to serve the University and its conferences and events, as space and resources are available, the Notre Dame Conference Center is available to those with no Notre Dame affiliation.


How do I schedule my event at the Notre Dame Conference Center?

Simply complete the Information Request Form and one of our conference coordinators will contact you. Alternatively, you may call our office directly at (574) 631-6691.


Does the Notre Dame Conference Center require a deposit to reserve space for an event?

No deposit is required from University departments. Your conference coordinator will discuss the need for a deposit or any applicable cancellation fees for other events.


May I bring my own food to serve participants at my event?

Refreshments and meals at the Notre Dame Conference Center are provided by the Morris Inn Banquet Department; meal plans at the on-campus dining halls are also available. Indiana food and beverage regulations, as well as University policy, do not allow for food or drink to be brought in from the outside.


Where should I park while I am at the Notre Dame Conference Center?

Visitor parking (see maps) is located in several areas on campus. The $2.00 fee for visitor parking is charged upon exit. However, parking tokens are available at the Information Desk of the Notre Dame Conference Center at a reduced price for conference guests.


How do I leave a message for an event participant?

You may contact the Conference Center at (574) 631-6691 to leave a message for a conference participant, which will be delivered. Emergency calls should be directed to (574) 631-5555.


During what hours is the Notre Dame Conference Center facility open?

Building access is scheduled according to the convenience and needs of our guests and conference attendees.


What is the shipping address for the Notre Dame Conference Center? May I ship event materials?

ATTN: “Name of Conference”, 115 McKenna Hall, Notre Dame Conference Center, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA. If sending your materials in advance, please contact your conference coordinator to let him/her know that a shipment of how many boxes will be arriving with an approximate date of arrival and courier.


Is Internet access available at the Notre Dame Conference Center?

The Notre Dame Conference Center offers both Windows and Macintosh PCs for guest use in its Business Center. McKenna Hall itself is also a wireless internet access point.