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Meet Mary

September 2, 2016 2:15 pm

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You should come stay with us at Morris Inn,
Where people are so friendly you just smile.
A weight lifts off your back as you walk in.
The place is perfect; where do I begin?
Perhaps I speak of blue and gold, our style.
You should come stay with us as Morris Inn.
Or maybe it’s the rooms I should mention
With king or queens, we go the extra mile.
A weight lifts off your back as you walk in.
Where out for drinks can be a great night in,
Or by our terrace you can be beguiled,
You should come stay with us at Morris Inn.
And once you give this place a spin,
I guarantee you’ll want to stay a while.
A weight lifts off your back as you walk in.
You’ll count your stay in South Bend as a win.
To make a reservation, you just dial.
You must come stay with us at Morris Inn;
A weight lifts off your back as you walk in!

So. The big question: who is this crazy woman and why does she have a blog? To those of you wondering this, welcome! (To the other two, hi, Mom and Dad!) My name is Mary Humphrey, and I’m the girl who writes villanelles in iambic pentameter (the above style of poem) about her job for fun. I’m the guinea pig for this new blog, “The Morris Inn Chronicles”. They call me the Chronicler (but I’m brainstorming ideas that roll off the tongue easier – like President of Loquacious Elocution, or Chief Executive Officer of Awesome). Basically, my job is to let you know everything you’ve ever needed to know, wanted to know, or vaguely wondered about the Morris Inn, in all its spectacular glory. Approximately once a week, I’ll be posting a new, fun, interesting story about how cool the place that pays me is (this is so much fun they could probably pay me in Goldfish, but don’t tell my boss that!).

My first job? Tell my own story.

In a few words, I am nerdy, passionate, and empathetic. In a few more, I was born in Kansas City, MO (yes, Missouri, not Kansas), I have three younger siblings, I love math and English (whoa, a writer, what a surprise), and want to make the world a better place in any way I can. In quite a few more words, here’s my “story” (you know the one – it was your college essay, it’s your go-to interview fact that makes you memorable, and it kind of makes you who you are): when I was five, my sister Maddie was born. The doctors immediately knew something was wrong. Their diagnosis: Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum – basically, she’s missing a very crucial part of her brain that connects the left and right hemispheres. They thought she would only live a few days. She was given Anointing of the Sick almost immediately after her birth.

This October, she turns seventeen. She defies the odds just by breathing. She is wheelchair-bound, tube-fed, in diapers, and can only communicate through grunts, giggles, and whines. To me, she’s perfect.

When I was eight, my brother Jack (who is as normal as a thirteen-year-old boy ever is) was born. And two years later, another sister (whom I named) joined our family. That sister, Megan Caroline, was born with Down syndrome.

They have taught me so much. My ability to connect to people, my ability to love differences, my maturity (or what I have of it) – it all comes from Maddie. My brother has taught me patience (sorry, dude, you test me) and how to accept myself as I am. Megan has taught me to laugh at the world and to hold on to childhood innocence and optimism.

Why do you need to know all this about me? My family keeps me sane when it feels like my world is spinning out of control. Without them, there’s no way I would be here today – at an amazing school (GO IRISH) with incredible friends, at least decent grades, and a pretty awesome job to boot! So anytime this blog makes you laugh out loud, or at least do that huffing thing where you breathe a little harder through your nose, remember that I got where I am thanks to them.

And I promise, from here on out, the blogs will focus on the seriously cool things about the Morris Inn, and not on the mundane events of my life, because the Morris Inn has far better stories to tell than I do. Given that, let me note that each blog will be written from my perspective, so I will be dropping opinions here and there, like how much I love the story about the butter (seriously, someone PLEASE ask me about the butter). The point of this disclaimer being that those opinions are mine and mine alone, and while I may not say anything anyone would necessarily disapprove of, I probably dislike the snow more than the official opinion of the Morris Inn.